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Businesses are looking for new and innovative solutions to solve their everyday problems. One of the issues that still haunt the business houses is the employees. Acquiring the right employee and giving them the right position has become a challenging task and the human resource department are struggling to find the right person. Contract staffing is a method through which a business acquires employees for a short period. Contract Staffing has been buzzing in the business world since the beginning of the 2000s and gained momentum in the 2010s after the recession.

Contractual staffing became popular due to the benefits to employees and employers. Employers will be able to make use of the Flexibility that contract employees have in contrast to the full-time contract workers. On the other hand, employees can enjoy more free time, which they can utilize for other consultant jobs or hobbies. The method can be subdivided into independent contracts, Part-time contracts, Seasonal contracts etc. 

According to a recent survey, “A staggering 250 resumes are received on an average by corporates for a particular job opening. Sadly, roughly 2% of these resumes get shortlisted for the interview”. So what about the costs of processing a recruitment drive? Most of the companies end up spending large amounts of men and material to select the right candidates and ends up getting zero returns as the employee may turn out to be a wrong selection.

When we dig deep into the issue, one can understand that the main cause of a huge gap between the applicants and selected candidates is the issue of need. The business may require particularly skilled employees and these employees are hard to pick out from the large pool of candidates. Here is the gap that can be solved by a contract staffing agency. 

Let us have a look at the benefits of Contract Staffing to the employers!

  1. Cost Cutting

Contract Staffing allows flexibility in working hours, allowing companies to identify core competencies. This becomes a benefit due to the amount of time and money saved during the hiring process. 

  1. Adaptability

Contractual employees have a higher ability to adapt and grow with the changing working and economic environment. 

  1. Laws

Full-time employees are protected by tough labour laws. These laws help them against any sorts of exploitation. However, the laws regarding Contractual Employees are more lenient.

So how does contract staffing benefit employees?

  1. More Control

Employees have more control over their work schedules and give them higher flexibility.

  1. Wages

Often, contractual employees earn more than what they can earn out of a permanent work contract. This happens due to the simultaneous jobs that employees can immerse themselves in.

  1. Specialize

Instead of a 9 to 6 job, contract/ part-time employees can arrange the work schedule according to their desire. This applies to the types of jobs they are involved in too. They have full control over their nature of work, schedule, and often costs. They can specialize in one type of work or multiple and gain high order skills.

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, it is expected that contractual employment will increase by three folds. 

Saravanan Balasundaram, Founder & CEO, Han Digital, said, “Every company will achieve flexible staffing objectives for short-lived contracts as contractual hiring gives an advantage to MNCs to optimize their employee count. This indicates that contractual hiring as a trend will create history in 2021 from the trends we have observed in 2020” – ET-HRWorld 

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